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Scarborough Hollow Clock Works
House Calls
Scarborough Hollow Clock Works Services
Full Movement Restoration
Quartz Movement Replacement
House calls are performed on Mondays.  They are suggested for large wall clocks and tall-case clocks (commonly referred to as Grandfather or Grandmother clocks).  We will travel up to 75 miles for additional fees.

Travel fee and a minimum 1 hour on-site work fee are charged; additional time billed hourly regardless of outcome
At Scarborough Hollow Clock Works, we take care to provide our customers personalized high quality services. We are available to discuss your specific clock needs Wednesday through Saturday.

We warranty work for replacement movements and full movement restorations.  No other warranty is expressed or implied if the movement is not restored or replaced.  Often times we can get a clock running again here in the shop or during house calls, but there is no assurance, and payment is due for travel and time spent.

We provide a variety of services including:
Time only, time and strike, and chiming clock movements are fully restored.  The basic procedure includes complete dis-assembly, ultrasonic cleaning, polishing pivots, installing bushings as required to restore smooth operation, and polishing and adjusting pallets. All assemblies and components are inspected and repaired as necessary.

Price varies based on the style and complications of the clock
Even modern clocks need care and attention.  Quartz and battery powered clock movements wear out and need to be replaced.  We carry the most common replacement movements, and can order replacements for nearly all styles, including pendulum and electronic chiming units.

Prices vary based on movement style
If you have any question concerning prices, deliveries or pick-ups, please don't hesitate to call or email.